A full moon, with a total of five stars per hour

(1) The Dhamma Sutta, the famous Dhamma Vedas, is the Dhamma Buddha. This is the first time I have ever met a Christian. It is not possible to know the meaning of the Dhamma. (2) The Tathagata, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma, the Dhamma; Buddhism, the name of the Buddha. It is a very important thing. The symbol of the Buddha

Burmese translation

1. The sun shines brightly during the day. The moon shines in the night, Only when the king is dressed in five royal robes, does he shine. It is only when the aurora is illuminated. The Buddha was shining all day and night with all his power.

(2) To the God who shines bright and bright in the night and the night, the Blessed One praises and praises the Blessed One. May God bless you so that you can quickly and completely fill the world with all the riches and riches of the world, for the sake of those who cannot read and write well.

Myanmar pronunciation

(1) The Dhamma Sutta, the Dhamma Sutta, the Dhamma Sutta, the Dhamma Sutta, the Dhamma Sutta, the Dhamma Sutta, the Dhamma Sutta, the Vedas of the Buddha.

(2) Tattoo Tattoo Tattoo Bow Holder: Adidas Adorna Kamara Nawabu Njaputi If you follow this post, please do so.

(If you pick out the rhyme, come out with an English accent, like R, and try to pronounce it as rattan.)

God speaks

The Buddha spoke this sermon on the occasion of the Venerable Mahakassapa Buddha’s Dhamma Sutta while talking to the Venerable Ananda. Ananda was delighted to see the beauty of the still-sun-drenched sun on the western island of Goya when the sun was shining.

As the sensation began, he was delighted to see the beauty of the pope, the King of Angels, who was wearing a royal robe and wearing a crown of gold. And he was pleased when he saw the Dharma Viravati, the Dharma devotee, and he rejoiced to see the brightness of his appearance.

Then the shining of the Lord appeared to be superior to that of the above sun-king and aurora.

(2) This is the second part of the recitation of the Dhamma which has been offered by the wise and good Dhamma from the late wise and good Dhamma.

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