The old-fashioned old-time plots of modern times

The old-fashioned, old-fashioned way of reminding people of the past is that they are sitting and watching from the sidelines today. It was true.

That is why the saying “the past is a sign.” The mentality of the ancient people is commendable. Here are a few of the old stories that the ancient people mentioned:

Sing songs of justice; The son continued to taunt him

Relatives in prison If the fool is mad

If you do not think well,

From the gold to the wise

Loyalty to Lies;

…… ..

Dismiss the scholar

My best friend is a traitor.

Let’s talk to the honest man

The young lady is married to Naing Saing.

It is a shirt and a sabbath

In the middle of the area

A good woman makes money

Before I was a virgin;


The poor pretend to be rich

From the clothing and the clothing

The wife’s husband is a virgin

The only thing that matters is the fact that you are not alone.

Donate rice and donate rice

My ten-year-old daughter is married

The doorbells were proud


It was a gift from the festival.

The illiterate sues

He wants to be called by the actor.

Put away the saints,


The creditor is like a slave;

The creditor is the master

If you give them bread, they will be wise and understanding.

Worship of the golden altar


My father was like a slave to me.

The child is the Lord

The modern age is blamed.

You say goodbye

If you hit a golf ball, you should be grateful.

And if a man is righteous, there is no use of him;

Take a sip of your eyes

Good people

For they are defiled.

It was re-shared with the past.

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